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Read more about Barrington Coffee Roasting Company here!

Read more about Barrington Coffee Roasting Company here!


Why would a brewery sell coffee too?

Our co-founders were inspired by the day-to=night feeling of a lot of cafés and breweries in Europe, and we wanted to bring the best of both worlds to Somerville. We aim to offer an inclusive environment for our guests and employees, and we believe in the extension of our community by offering morning coffee as well as beer service. We strive to create and grow a brand that is synonomous with excellent product and service, and we aim to be a continuous cornerstone of the larger commercial and cultural experience of Bow Market.

“I had the privilege of working closely with Barrington as they built their presence in Boston. They taught me about their product, their methods, and their business values over the years that I was with them. When opening my own coffee program at Remnant, there was really no other choice for high quality product than Barrington’s freshly roasted and farm direct approach. “
— Brittany Lajoie, General Manager
Brittany Lajoie, at a Barrington Coffee Cupping

Brittany Lajoie, at a Barrington Coffee Cupping

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Introducing: Coffee First fridays

Tasting & Sampling Series

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Like beer, the world of speciality coffee is steeped in artistry, subtlety, variety and intention. It is our goal to showcase the world of complexity and purpose that expertly roasted coffee brings to the table - that’s why we’ve started Coffee First Fridays: Tasting & Sampling Series. The first Friday of every month we select a roast by Barrington Coffee and hand brew it to highlight the complexity of its flavors whether terroir or roast. Follow us on Instagram or Facebook for the latest coffee updates or roast announcements or drop by between 3-5pm the first Friday of every month to join in.

Our offerings


For our espresso and decaf espresso, we use Gold and Decaf Gold. Both blends are similar in tasting profiles, with notes of dark chocolate but a bright spice!

Nitro Iced Coffee

NOBL Coffee Roasters supply us our Nitro Iced Coffee, using a Barrington blend as the base!

Brewed In House

For our iced flash brew, we use an awesome Indian Varietal, lovingly called "Kalle." For our hot drip coffee, we rotate Barrington Light Roasts.


We will always offer Black Tea, Green Tea and a caffeine-free Peppermint. We serve black iced tea, and we often serve a rotating variety as well.


We rotate our Kombucha flavors every other week, come by to see which flavor we have on!


We have a variety of AJ King pastries available, baked fresh every day. We also sell Brewer's Crackers - a snack made from spent grains from brewing.