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Q: Can I bring in a caterer? Do you serve food?
A: We always allow guests to bring in food or have anything delivered here. However, if you wish to have a carter on site they must have a Somerville catering license. We serve light pastries from our cafe, but you may also grab food from any open Bow Market vendors! 

Q: Are there extra tables available for food?
A: We have very limited space and have no fold up or additional tables. We can always use the counter space or get creative or you can bring your own! 

Q: Can I bring a birthday cake? 
A: Yes! See our above food policy. 

Q: What are the rates for your space? How do you take payment? 
A: We offer rates for our space on an individual basis. You can fill out an inquiry form below and we will respond to you with a quote.

Q: Can I have a live band or bring in entertainment for my event? 
A: We can help you apply for a permit if your music requests go beyond acoustic music. 

Q: Can I bring decorations? 
A: As long as nothing needs to be tacked or taped onto our painted walls, decorations are totally okay. 

Q: Can I bring other alcohol?
A: Unfortunately our license does not permit any other alcohol in our space besides the beer that we produce ourselves. We do offer a multitude of coffee beverages, teas, and non-alcoholic kombucha.

Q: What if I don’t want to book a private event space but just want to reserve a table?
A: Unfortunately we do not take table reservations at this time, all seating is on a first come first serve basis. 

Q: I have guests under 21 years old, are they allowed to come to the event? 
A: As long as they are accompanied by a legal guardian or parent, and the managers are informed of the under age guests, we allow it! We are a pretty kid friendly space. 

Q: I have guests who are gluten free or don’t drink beer, what can they drink?
A: We have a full cafe set up, and can make a wide variety of coffee drinks, and we also offer non-alcoholic kombucha. 

Q: I need presentation / A.V equipment, can your space accommodate this?
A: We have some speakers and microphones that we may be able to provide, as well as one projector screen. We have some TVs that may be configured for other uses, but please just specify in your inquiry what exactly you need and we will do our best to accommodate it! 

Q: I have a question that wasn’t answered! 
A: No problem, drop us a line at! 


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Legally we are not allowed to serve any outside alcohol, meaning we cannot under any circumstances serve or allow on-site consumption of hard cider, wine or liquor. We do offer non-alcoholic beverages besides our locally brewed beers including a variety of craft coffee, kombucha, and other cafe drinks. Thanks for understanding!


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