Last updated Oct 21, 2019

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Our mentality

The beauty of our small brewhouse is that we have the flexibility to keep our beers in tune with the seasons and current trends. Our menu changes often and we hope you'll always come to our brewery with a sense of adventure.

You're likely to find an IPA or two on our menu, but we're also passionate about funky saisons, using local and wild ingredients, and we'll always have something interesting resting in a barrel. Stay tuned for those super-limited releases!



ABV: 5.2% ABV
STYLE: Belgian Wit with pumpkin puree

Lumina (a term for Ghost pumpkins), is our autumn seasonal, brewed with pumpkin puree and tastefully spiced with cinnamon, coriander, vanilla bean, and cardamom. Full of bright Belgian esters, this beer pours hazy, with a light amber appearance and tastes like our favorite season.

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ABV: 6.5%
STYLE: New England IPA
HOPS: Citra & Huell Melon

You can never have enough Hang Time. This lush IPA was dry-hopped with a heavy dose of Citra hops and a splash of Huell Melon. Take one sip and you'll notice the powerful aromatics and balanced bite on this one; that's because used the "coolpool" technique to keep the bitterness low and the aromas rich. The result is a delightfully bright, juicy IPA that is perfect send off to summer days. Available on draft and in crowlers to go. Come try it!



ABV: 7.4%
STYLE: Lactose Stout

Numerology is a smooth, American Stout brewed with lactose, raw sugar, and cold brewed coffee from Barrington Coffee Roasters. It’s is a decadent blend imparting notes of dark chocolate, molasses, and caramelized fig, creating a medium bodied but rich beer. Wake up and smell the numbers. Available on draft and in crowlers to go.

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ABV: 5.1%
STYLE: Plum Sour

As summer nights turn to fall mornings, we bring you the light. Cosmic Dawn is our hazy, rose colored sour brewed with a stellar combination of plum and tamarind. This thirst quenching delight drinks like a mimosa with a twist of exotic citrus. Try it for yourself, it’s guaranteed to brighten your night.


You're likely to find at least one of these three ales on draft all year round. That's because they are tried, tested original recipes that never go out of style.



ABV: 7.2%
HOPS: Rotating

Clip Art may be outdated graphics but these illustrations range in format and style, and so does our rotating IPA series! We start with a blend of pale malts and Mosaic hops for the base, then add an additional hop varietal to each version to take center stage in flavor and aroma. So far, we have brewed Clip Art Citra and Clip Art Azacca. Our original Clip Art included Michigan-grown Centennial hops, and that recipe will resurface again as well. Look out for its following installments.



ABV: 5.9%
STYLE: Oat Pale Ale
HOPS: Mandarina, Mosaic

Melodic with notes of citrus and melon, Dream Pop is true to its namesake; a little alternative, but smooth. Using 25% oats in the malt bill gives a silky texture that balances well with Mosaic and a new-school German hop, Mandarina. This beer is unique and flavorful, and has been asked about enough that we'll keep brewing as long as folks keep drinking it!



ABV: 4.9%
STYLE: Session ALe
HOPS: Idaho 7

One of the first recipes we ever brewed, Bow St Session is our house ale brewed to celebrate our place in Bow Market, paying homage to our space, its historical context, and the spirit of innovation we hope to cultivate. This session ale was brewed with Idaho 7 and Grungiest hops, which provide strong notes of stone fruit. This was crafted as an all-around accessible beer, stylistically unrestrained. It is medium bodied, with a light tropical nose and a softer hop bitterness.