We now offer beer in 32oz crowlers to go. Check out the FAQ below to learn more about our crowler program.

What is a crowler?
A crowler is a 32oz can full of beer! You can check out this great article to read more about the history of crowlers and their place in the craft beer industry.

What beers are available in crowlers?
It depends! We typically do not offer any barrel aged beers as crowlers because of their limitied quantity. Otherwise, any beer that is available at our front bar (where our crowler machine is located) should be available to take home. Visit our beer page to see our current draft list or feel free to call or message us ahead of time to check availability.

How do I order a crowler?
There are two options! Visit a staff member at either bar to place your order and have a crowler filled and sealed right before your eyes! Or if you're in a rush check out our new grab-and-go fridge at the front bar to grab one on the run. How much does a crowler cost?
Prices vary based on the beer, but generally range between $12 and $16.

How long does a crowler last?
A crowler is at optimal freshness 24-48 hours after it's been made, but can still be enjoyed beyond that time frame. We personally recommend enjoying your crowlers within 5 days after purchase.

Do you fill growlers?
Unfortunately we do not sell or fill traditional growlers because of both Massachusetts law and quality considerations.

Can I drink my crowler at the taproom?
Unfortunately no. Crowlers cannot be opened or drank on our or Bow Market's premises.

Have a question that wasn't addressed? Head over to our contact page and send us a message.