Beer to-go? We got you covered!


Remnant beer is now available in canned crowlers to-go! Each 32oz can is made to order so you’re always getting the freshest pour.

Crowlers are available daily from 11am through last call. Our beers rotate frequently so please visit our beer page for the most up=to-date offerings.

crowler faq

What even is a crowler?

A crowler is a 32oz can full of beer! Check out this great article to read more about their history and place in beer culture.

Are all of your beers available in crowlers?

At this time we do not offer any barrel-aged beers as crowlers because of their limited quantity.

How much is a crowler?

It depends! Prices vary based on the beer but generally range between $12 and $16.

Do you fill growlers?

Because of both Massachusetts law and quality considerations, we do not sell or fill traditional growlers.

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